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Born in Christchurch, 1965, Tania Roxborogh spent the first 25 years of her life travelling around the country. As a result of her nomadic childhood, she experienced much of what it meant to grow up in New Zealand in the sixties, seventies and eighties from tobogganing on the hills around the Port Hills, to scuba diving in the Bay of Islands, from working in North Canterbury shearing sheds, to painting houses and warehouses in Whangarei. Though her growing up years were fraught with difficulties, some self-inflicted, most not, she persisted with her love of language and literature and graduated from Massey University and Auckland College of Education.

Tania Roxborogh, an award winning writer and teacher, is the author of over thirty published works across a range of genres: novels for teenagers and children, plays for the classroom, Shakespearean texts, English grammar books, and adult non-fiction.  In 2014, Tania was the recipient of a Teach NZ study award and, in December 2015, graduated with a BA in Māori from Otago University. Tania and her husband live in Lincoln, Canterbury where she teaches at the local high school and, in her spare time, fits in writing and reading and taking care of her animals. 

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List of Books Written By Tania Roxborogh

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