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If I Could Tell You...

As Kelly Marshall approaches her 16th birthday, she grapples with all the usual pressures: friends, school and, sex. In this turmoil, she turns to her late mother’s schoolgirl diaries. What she finds there is not the comfort she seeks but horrific descriptions of abuse by Kelly’s grandfather. Unaware of the depth of feeling that her lifelong friend, Simon, has for her, Kelly turns to the good-looking John Schroeder whose attitude to study is rather less intense than her own and who is pressuring her to take their relationship ‘to the next level’. What should she do? And, what about Simon? More than ever, she craves for a mother to turn to. Kelly must come to terms with her mother’s dark secret, hoping that hidden somewhere in the diaries are the answers to her own problems. This book is, sadly, now out of print.


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Copyright 2009 Tania Roxborogh | All rights reserved